Google Can Seriously Damage Your Website

Jazz Clubs Worldwide http://jazz-clubs-worldwide was created in 1997 and in time became the key resource for jazz musicians, jazz lovers, agents, groups, bands et al.

evilEventually it was ranked within the top million websites on the Internet. Hits and pages...

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Remembering Pol (Pol Jazz) Lenders

Pol Lenders, whose real name is Leopold Lenders, known for a long time as Pol from the Pol's Jazz Club, born in 1917 and died on August 2, 20001, was a Belgian and Belgian jazz personality who opened several clubs in Brussels.

  Pol's memory...

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Four Bar Intro - The Door to Possibilities

Most jazz musicians - and maybe even non-musicians - will know just how evocative good four bar intro can be. It starts your foot tapping. It attunes your ear to what is to follow. It is the passport control to a musical journey that can lead anywhere.


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Under 35 Likes Jazz

This morning I had a sad email from California following on from my 'Jazz Clubs Worldwide September Newsletter' where I talked about the current health of the jazz scene internationally. I quote:

Charlie 'O's"Hello Peter: I wanted you to know, in case you haven't...

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Under Thirty Five - And Do Like Jazz

edkIf you are in Manchester, England of a Wednesday evening check out The Indigo Bar. 460 Withington Rd. Withington, South Manchester, M20 4AN. Its a delight. You will find a weekly jam session organised and directed by saxophonist Ed Kainyek.

This dynamic...

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