Hot Clube De Portugal - Fire Totally Destroys This Historic Club

When I put Jazz Clubs Worldwide online some thirteen years ago, the very first club to send me information was the Hot Clube de Portugal. So it is with considerable sadness, following on from a call on Skype from Claude Moreira, that I must tell you that The...

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Derek Wadsworth

A very great friend of more that forty years, the late Derek Wadsworth, who died on th 3 December 2008 at his home in Aynho, Northamptonshire, England.

waddsworthDerek was to use the old but apt cliche: a musicians musician.

Derek's career started as a member of a...

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Fred Burnett was well ahead of the pack

fredburenttWelcome to my world of Traditional Jazz. The pages which follow are a tribute to the musicians who have dedicated themselves to playing the music of New Orleans and Dixieland in the North West of the British Isles.

Although I try very hard to ensure all the...

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The Stonehenge City Jazzmen


Sometimes I have a feeling that telepathy is a tangible phenomena. Ian Maud who runs the excellent website asked if I would contribute an article about playing with the support band on a Mick Mulligan Band gig at RAF...

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Johnny Griffen at The Club 43 Manchester, England

The Club 43 Manchester, England was extremely influential in promoting the appearance of live performances of American jazz musicians. Up until the later part of the sixties performances by American griffinmusicians were very difficult to arrange because of the...

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