Willy Vande Walle - Saxophonist

I played for more than five years with Willy Vande Walle's 'Jazz Express'. Willy was a great guy but a lot of the time was overwhelmed by the complications of a life that included three former wives and a partiality for Genevieve - a type of Gin that is a...

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Monday Night Jazz Jam In Ljubljana

Though I have often traversed Slovenia en route to Croatia - my Son Adam and his family live and work in Zagreb - my visits have always been transitory, just stopping to fill the car with petrol, or to take money from a cash machine.

slovenia02I decided to take a...

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Real Book and The Smart Phone


It has become a familiar sight. At jam sessions - forgivable - perhaps. On gigs - not so acceptable - just my opinion. What am I referring to ? The array of one or more Smart Phones being used to display the Real Book. Propped up on the music stand of the...

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Four Bar Intro - The Door to Possibilities

fourbarsinMost jazz musicians - and maybe even non-musicians - will know just how evocative good four bar intro can be. It starts your foot tapping. It attunes your ear to what is to follow. It is the passport control to a musical journey that can lead anywhere.


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Jazz Festivals Minus The Jazz

Looking at some upcoming some major jazz festival programmes one wonders just what are the jazz credentials of many of the listed Headliners. Rock musicians yes. World Music maybe. Who knows what kind of music much of the time.


festmanThe problem is that many...

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