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Sounds Jazz Club, Brussels

soundsA landmark of the Brussels jazz scene since 1986, the Club changed management in 2021 so as to continue to offer the convivial atmosphere of a real jazz club in the capital of Europe.

A non-profit organisation, Buen Vivir, acquired 28 rue de la Tulipe, with a view to using it for its resistance and resilience activities to uphold human rights. But the new owners also wanted to ensure the continuation of Sounds’ jazz-related activities and so contacted pianist Joachim Caffonnette, a pillar of non-profit musical activities in Brussels and himself a musician who had taken his first musical steps on the boards of the stage at Sounds. Joachim put together a team of music and cultural sector professionals and with Emmanuel André and Fanny De Marco set up the Sounds Live non-profit organisation.

Sounds Live has thrown its energy and dedication into the project to revive the club, redecorated the beautiful early 20th century venue, refreshed the food and drinks menu, laid the foundations for a sustainable future and launched a crowdfunding project, whose huge success bears witness to the enthusiasm of live music lovers, and will stage a grand re-opening concert on 18 November 2021, thus launching the second chapter in the history of this esteemed club…Read More





Martin Schaberl




David Pastor




Karen Stachel




Ronnie Burrage



"This info is so amazing. It saves us hours of research. Definitely we are getting more than we paid for to say the least. Neysa Rodriguez-Battistini, Executive Director. Hands In Motion Music, Inc

Many thanks for your very thorough listings! The spreadsheets are amazing and indeed extremely helpful. Thank you for your assistance. J.F.

This is fantastic. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the files being in Excel, too, with which sorting is easily accomplished. Your work is a huge contribution to the field. Wishing you all the best, C.

Sounds great, Peter, thank you for your continued great service! Cheers, A.



bartdefoortSaxophonist and Composer

Bart Defoort was born in Bruges,Belgium on February 10, 1964. He grew up in a musical family,his father being a classical Music teacher, Choir leader and his oldest brother, Kris, who became a jazz pianist and composer of contemporary Classical and Jazz Music.

Bart studied and graduated at the Royal Conservatories of Ghent and Brussels with Steve Houben...   Read More










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