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 Piramida. Bankovskaja 20-7. Tel: 21-30-90 [contact: Valera]


 On the Old Place. Kirova street 26. Tel: +7(3842)363322 Fax: +7(3842)365735 [contact: Konstantin Terekhov. Open 24h. European cusine.draft beer.Life All Jazz stile every day.]


 Art Garbage. Starosadsky per. 5/8. Tel: (495) 628 87 45. [This is a reliable venue for up-and-coming Russian and European rock and some mainstream bands. Open Friday to Sunday from 11am to 6am.]

 Cool Train Jazz Club. Bolshaya Sadovaya 8. Tel: (495) 209 99 09

 Jazz Club Esse. 27, Pyatnitskaya str. Moscow. Tel: 8(495)951-64-04 [contact: Grant Khanjian. Show every day, open from 11.00-24.00. Jazz Club Essay is a unique jazz venue of the capital, which unites the true lovers of high-quality sound. The guests enjoy rich musical palette - classic and modern jazz, ethno-jazz, blues, soul, funk. Performed by well-known jazz Russian and foreign musicians.]

Le Club. 21 Bolshaya Radishchevskaya Ulitsa. Tel: 7095) 915 1042 [contact: Igor Butman. Bar & Restaurant - prices quite reasonable by Moscow standards. Open 12:00 - 02:00 (Sun - Thurs), 12:00 - 05:00 (Fri/Sat). Features principally Igor Butman Quartet & Igor Butman Big Band. Butman was described recently by Bill Clinton as "possibly the best tenor sax in the world today"]


Forte. bol. Bronnaya 18. Tel: +7 (495) 2028833 [Instrumental in promoting the blues scene in Moscow at the start of the 90s, the intimate club Forte was the first place to give bands total creative license ? as well as allowing them to play as loud as they wanted (making the club more popular with its patrons than with its neighbours). Today Forte?s reputation as a quality live music venue remains undiminished, with regular jazz, rock, blues and various eclectic performances the norm. The emphasis at Forte is very much on the music so expert substance over style. ]

 JVL. Novoslobodskaya 14/19. Tel: (495) 978 10 30, 105 69 57. [Acid jazz music avant-garde, improvization]

 Mezzo Forte. 1-Ostankinskaya, 53. Tel: (495) 602 24 46.

 Union of Composers Club. Brusov per. 8/10 build 2. Tel: (495)6296563. [Contact: Oleg Kireyev. jazz and blues conserts every night]


 Red Fox Jazz Cafe. 50 Mayakovskaya Ul. M: Chernyshevskaya. Tel: (7-812) 275-4214. [Friendliest & Most Inexpensive Jazz Club in St. Petersburg, Russia with a Comfortable Friendly Intimate Atmosphere — Go and Enjoy! Daily, 13 p.m. to 23:00 p.m., Music charge 8:00 to 10:00 p.m.: Mon. Free, Tue.-Thu. & Sun 60 rubles, Fri.-Sat. 100 rubles]

 Che Cafe-Club. 3 Poltavskaya Ulitsa. M: Ploshchad Vosstaniya. Tel: 277-7600. [Located just off Nevsky Prospect, Che has became one of city's most popular hangouts. Although named after the legendary guerrilla, Che is aimed primarily at trendy, well-off young people. Open 24 hours. Live music nightly, 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.]

 Jazz Philharmonic Hall. 27 Zagorodny Pr. M: Vladimirskaya/Dostoevskaya. Tel: 164-8565. [Staid, state-sponsored jazz venue, intended by its founder, local jazz patriarch David Goloshchokin, to be Russia's answer to New York's seminal Blue Note club. Mostly mainstream and Dixieland repertoire, with the occasional drop of blues. Home of the annual White Nights Swing jazz festival. Concerts most days, 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Entrance 100 to 120 rubles. Tickets in advance at box-office, 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.]

 JFC Jazz Club. 33 Shpalernaya Ul. M: Chernyshevskaya. Tel: 272-9850.. Probably the most innovative and progressive jazz venue in town. Less formal atmosphere, with all styles up to avant-garde and improv. Occasional classical and folk concerts. The latest addition is Ethno World, a monthly concert of world music. Mostly jazz crowd and expats. Bar and snacks. Daily, from 7 p.m. Entrance 60 to 100 rub.


Neo Jazz Club. 14 Solyanoi Per. Tel: 273-3830. [What the restaurant "Mukha Tsokotukha" (opposite the Mukhina Art College) turns into at night. Neat design, although the place has still yet to find its own atmosphere. Specializes for the most part in mellow jazz styles, with duos and trios usually performing without a drummer. Capacity 35 to 40. Armenian and European cuisine. Daily, 9 midnight. Entrance 50 rubles after 8 p.m.]

 Sunduk Art Cafe. 42 Furshtatskaya Ul. M: Chernyshevskaya. Tel: 272-3100. ]Another small place with a pleasant atmosphere and live music. Alhough it used to feature restaurant musicians and Soviet pop songs, it has recently featured mostly jazz, blues and some rock. Daily, 10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Entrance 30 rubles from 8:30 p.m]


 Jam Prestige Jazz ClubNizhni Novgorod. Tel:(8312)33-32-46[contact: Dmitri]


Tomsk Jazz Club. Frunze, 16. Tomsk. Tomskaya Oblast. 634050 Tel: (8-383-2) 23-23-29 [contact: Katchanko Oleg A. (art-director) Hold about eighty. Cosy. Strict design - black walls and ceiling, red floor. The refined kitchen, wide choice of drinks. Business hours with 18 till 02 night. 6 days per one week live music, only jazz, dixieland, mainstream, bebop, cool, modern etc.]


 JazzclubUfa. 50 let USSR, 8. Ufa. Tel: +7(347)-223-01-00 Fax: +7(347)-223-01-00 [contact: Prokofyeva Liliya. Ufa jazz club was opened on January 2, 2007 and appeared as a significant milestone in the development of jazz culture in the capital of Bashkortostan. To date, establishment is one of the most attractive place in Ufa. Different young music bands start here their career, well-known musicians continue their work. So there are residents of Jazz Club: «Funky-House Band», Jazz Quartet \\\"Ufa», «Rhythm & Blues Quartet», Jazz Quartet Paul Skornyakova, \\\"Palladium\\\" and so on. Here are willing to as local musicians, as visitors from other Russian cities and from abroad. A lot of musicians of world size gave their perfomances for all the time in Ufa jazz club: Marat Yuldybaev, Igor Butman, Oleg Kireev, Rustem Galiullin, Vagif Sadikhov, Yakov Okun, Gregory Fain, Anatoly Kroll, Alexander Osiychuk, Andrei Makarevich, Valery Ponomarev, David Goloshchekin , Scott Hamilton Quartet, Mark Turner Quartet, Stanley Jordan, Hiram Bullock Band, Lew Tabackin, Frank Lacy, Wayne Escoffery, and many others. The musical palette of club is very rich. It covers areas such as classical and modern jazz, blues, funk, avant-garde, folk, indiclassic instrumental and vocal music. The rare video performances of legendary jazz artists of 20-21 century are been showing on the screen in the evening time. Interior, technical equipment, special lighting and captivating music - the main variables in creating an atmosphere of institutions - have been tested by time and become the business card of jazz club. Here are constantly spent corporate events, conferences, seminars and presentations on the territory of institutions. During the existence of the club here was a lot of special events and weddings. Ufa jazz club can be proud that it has a permanent audience - the true jazz lovers and simply lovers of music. If you have not yet managed to visit the club, come and appreciate art of musical performance in a truly jazz institution!]


 Everjazz. Narodnoy voly st. 65 Tel: +7 (343) 290-83-77 [The first official jazz-club of Urals, «EverJazz» is a special jazz-cafe, where you can enjoy different jazz styles and meet some interesting people. The worldwide jazz stars play here regularly as well as local scene musicians.]



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