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Willie Thomas

Jazz Everyone was founded by the late Willie Thomas, legendary trumpet player, premier jazz educator.


Jazz Everyone provides an extensive rage of learning materials that covers the needs of musicians, beginners through to to advanced.

Curriculum Overview

Welcome to the Jazz Everyone Player’s Corner.

The organization of the tutorials and lessons in the Player's Corner is different from the previous sections.
You will find a lot of video lessons along with downloadable PDFs attached.

The “Free Lesson" will get you started with more insights around the pentatonic pairs.
In addition to the lessons, in this corner the “In the shed with uncle Willie” section is practically a dialog you can have with Willie.

There are more than 100 videos organized so that you can play call & response with him on all kinds of chord structures and tunes.


Membership Options
If you want to learn and further improve your skills, we currently provide over 700 pages of materials including more than 600 videos along with printable study guides. The website is mobile responsive.

Free Membership Subscription
The Free Membership/Registration will allow you to access a number of free lessons and all lesson previews.

Full Membership
Instant access to all material is only $20/month, or save another $60 (25%) by signing up for $180/year.



“Willie Thomas an international treasure! As a swinging modern jazz trumpet player, Willie,  simply one of the all-time best, and the really cool thing is that he can articulate to musicians of all ages and abilities exactly how this jazz language is learned and assimilated. Uncle Willie has no equal and is loved madly by all of us in the jazz community. Everything you need to get your scene together is right here.”

Steve Wiest

Multiple Grammy-nominated Composer
Trombonist Director of The One O’ Clock Lab Band, University of North Texas
Coordinator of the 21st Century Music Initiative at the University of Denver, Lamont School of Music

“Willie Thomas  a driving force in jazz education ever since he took up the trumpet. Willie can play! And when he plays, he shows the joy of music. And, he can teach. All-around great player and educator. The type of person who can change people’s lives through music. Willie is an American hero.”

Jamey Aebersold

Internationally renowned jazz educator

“Willie Thomas  one of the hippest and most creative musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. His system is extremely well thought out, organized, and simple to grasp. By using his ideas beginning jazz musicians can immediately start to come up with simple lines that are logical and extremely musical. Uncle Willie is a musical treasure!”

Gary Smulyan

Winner of 2009, 2011, 2014 & 2015 Downbeat critic’s poll for best baritone saxophone

“I love Willie Thomas and his teaching methods!  Brilliant. Maybe if I’d met him at age 8 instead of 37, I’d have become a player instead of a writer!”

Maria Schneider

Arranger, Composer, Big Band Leader
Multi Grammy Award Winner



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