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Club de Jazz de Santiago. José Pedro Alessandri 85 - Ñuñoa. Tel: (56-2) 27-41937 Fax: (56-2) 022741937. [contact: Walter Soto. The owners are musicians, giving the place a special feeling. For the same reason it's open to many different styles. It is open from Thursday to Saturday, although sometimes they open on different days for special events. Saturday show is usually mainstream jazz and Dixieland. On Friday nights more progresive. Thursdays are more pop-blues oriented.Thursday: 10pm-3am. Friday: 11pm-2am. Saturday: 10pm--3am. Facilities: It has a bar with a small kitchen: potato chips, pizza, that kind of stuff]

Thelonious, Lugra de Jazz. Bombero Nunez 336, Recoleta, Santiago. Tel: 56-2 - 7357962 [contact: Erwin Diaz. Bar restaurant that provides all types of jazz. It opens from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9pm to 2am. We offer all kind of beverages and we also have a menu of appetizers.]


Valparaiso Jazz Club. Av. de la Cultura 957 ,Ciudad de Valparaíso





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