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PocoLoco. Via Gramsci 8. Tel: 079 9731034. [contact: Massimiliano Saba. Open every day. Concerts; jam sessions every Wednesday]


Retroscena.Via E. Carafa 12 - Andria (BA) Tel: 0883/24722


Cotton Jazz Club (AP). Largo Cattaneo, 4 - ASCOLI PICENO. Tel: 0735.753355 - fax: 0735.753290


Jazz Club Arezzo. Via A. Guadagnoli 69. [contact: Lucio Gnalducci.]


Charleston Jazz Club. Via circumvallazione 267/271. Tel: +393470683948 [contact: Daniele Iacobucci. Lounge bar pizzeria,finger food. Live music tutti i venerdi. Jam sessions]


Barga Jazz Club. Via Del Pretorio, 23. [contact: President - Barga Jazz Club. Barga is a small hiilltop village in the north Tuscan mountains. Every year it runs an International Jazz Festival, with names such as Lee Konitz, Thelonius Monk, Gianluigi Trovesi.]


Bohemien Jazz Caffè. - Via Roberto Da Bari 12


Jazz e Dintorni.Via De Amicis 24 - Mola Di Bari (BA) [Contact: Leonardo Amoruso. Direttore Artistico: Roberto Ottaviano]


Biella Jazz Club. Corso del Piazzo 25, Palazzo Ferrero.Tel: +39 015 30276 Fax: +39 015 30276 [contact: Presidente: Nicola Boschetti. The musical season is between October/June; the club's open every Tuesday after 21.00. There are some instruments in the club, such an old Yamaha Grand Piano... ]


Laurin Bar. Park Hotel Laurin. Via Laurino 4. 39100 Bolzano. Tel: 0471.311000 Fax: 0471.311148 [contact:Laura Weber. On Friday nights, the Laurin Bar turns into an intimate jazz club, offering up famous international bands and swinging music.]


Enola Jazz Club. Via Mazza 95131. Tel; 0953522955 \ 3486789391

Y's Jazz Club. Terrazza Hotel Le Dune. viale kennedy 10/B - CATANIA Tel: +39 095 7233120.


Jazz Club Crevalcore. Viale Italia 266. [contact: Mauro Marchesini. Concerts, Jam sessions, tuition. They own a place calle ExMelo where every Monday or Thursday there are perform Jam sessions]


Fano Jazz Club. Via Arco d'Augusto. I-61032 Fano (Marche) Tel: +39 0721 820275?


Unisono Jazz Club. Piazza Vitt. Emanuele 4. Tel: e fax 0439 84 05 94


Jazz Club Ferrara. Torrione San Giovanni, Via Rampari di Belfiore, 167.


Jazz Club Firenze. Via Nuova de’ Caccini, 3 - Firenze. Tel: 0552479700 | 3356146115 [Open from 9 P.M. to late night. Concerts from Tuesday to Saturday - Closed on Sunday and Monday.]


Moody Jazz Cafe Via Nedo Nadi 5. Tel: 0881/71.14.32 Fax: 0881/71.14.32 [contact: Nino Antonacci. In the morning is a normal cafè but in the night, it becomes a real jazz club, a magic trasformation.]


Naima. via Somalia, 2. Tel: 0543.722728


Louisiana Jazz Club. Via di San Sebastiano 36, GENOVA 16121 Tel: +39 010 585241


Ueffilo Jazz Club. Via Donato Boscia 21 - 70023 Gioia del Colle. Tel: 080/3430946 - 339/8613434.


Club Amici del Jazz Lecco. 23821 Abbadia Lariana. Tel: 0341.367507 [contact: Cortese Domenico]


Caffe' Cellini. via del molo Mediceo n. 22. Tel: 0586.89.6002

Il Paradosso Jazz Club Restaurant. Via V. Veneto 11, Livorno. Tel: 39 0586890357


Onyx Jazz Club. Via Cav. di Vittorio Veneto, 20 a Matera. Tel/Fax: 0835.330200


Panicjazzclub. Piazza Castello Marostica Marostica Vicenza. Tel: 0424 72707 Fax: 0424 72707 [contact: Luca Berton. Jazz club mexican restaurant open from 18.00 to 3.00 tuesday closed. Live concert on Wednsday and Thursday.jam session on Sunday.


Al Vapore. via Fratelli Bandiera 8. Marghera Venezia. Italia 041 930796 Fax: +3941931956 [contact: Stefano Pesce. The most famous jazz and blues club in Venice open: 07.00 - 15.00 / 18.00 - 02.00. Live performances on Friday and Saturday. Free admission. Food specialities: fabulous "Bruschetta Vaporina"]


La Fornace. via Galileo Gallilei, 40. Mestrino. Tel: 049.9003050 - Fax: 049.9004080 info line: 329.8111166 S.S.11. [General Manager: Massimo Scagliotti][Situated in what was an brick factory, this jazz club has been transformed over a period of two years to become a premier venue. Features Italian and Inter national names and groups. Thursday-Saturday every week] Tel: +394 9903050 fax: +394 99001936


Arlati. Via Nota 47. Tel 02 6433327

The Blue Note. Via Borsieri 37. Tel: +39 02 69016888. [message = Excellent jazzclub in the heart of the world's most famous fashion district]

Dora Jazz Club. Viale Andrea Doria , 22 20124 Milano. Tel. +39 02 67.411.136 - 411 [Inside the Doria Grand Hotel, the Caffè Doria is a refined English style Bar that is intimate and welcoming, where you can organize meetings and find exclusive Jazz music, with a packed schedule of events and where the visitor can enjoy moments of relaxation, alone or with company. A wide selection of aperitifs, cocktails, snacks, long drinks, whiskies and grappas. Every Tuesday and Thursday nights beginning at 22,00.]

Dynamo. Piazza Greco,5. Tel: 0039-02-28040700 Fax: 026704353 [contact: Pierangelo. Live jazz-music every Tuesday and Wednesday (early on Sunday also).Coktail-bar with also open food: really nice and intimate atmsphere]

Jumpin' Jazz Ballroom. . Viale Monza 140, Tel: +39-338-6377515 Fax: 0289407043 [contact: Walter Ganda. Every saturday night dixieland or swing, hot jazz anyway]

Scimmie. Via Ascanio Sforza 49 20136 Tel: 0289402874

Two Beat Milano Jazz Gang Club. c/o Entropia - Via De Amicis Tel: 0039-0332-601057 [contact: Milano Jazz Gang. Traditional Jazz, Every Friday Night]


Burbon Street. Via Vincenzo Bellini 52 (Dante's Square Corner) [contact: fabio. More than 4 concert every week with both italian and international artists(stanley jordan,peggy stern,daniele scannapieco dedidda bros,bob bonissolo and many others)]

Otto Jazz Club. via Salita Cariati 32. Tel: 39.(0)81.5524373 [contact: Enzo Lucci. Open Thursday through Sunday local,national and international artists are welcome. drinks and food]


Swing Hall. Piazza Europa 1. Tel: 0142 488776 Fax: 0142 488776 [contact: Dana Andrews. Jazz Auditorium, very small 90 places, but very nice. From November to the end of May twice a month, on Saturday 21.30. jazz concert, with great musicians]


Al San Francesco Jazz Club. Via Cerreti, 2 and Via Velino, 6. Tel: +39 763 343302 Fax: +39 763 391177 [contact:Alviero Bernardini. The premier jazz club in the city of Orvieto. It's open every day for lunch and dinner and there is jazz]


Dr. Jazz. via A. Vespucci 10. Tel: 339.8619.298


Alexanderplatz. via Ostia, 9 - ROMA (Prati) [Historical club of the city, Alexanderplatz is known to the public for its intense concert activity that has also seen the club being a protagonist of important Jazz Festivals. The club is characterized by a warm and Mitteleuropean environment and for the unmistakable marks of the signatures and graffiti on the club’s wall made by the most prestigious international jazz artists. The jazz club is the ideal place to bring friends, meet new people and listen to all kind of stories, living for sure a night of emotions. The club offers to its clients a kind and professional service, an international cuisine, with a strong Mediterranean flavour and an excellent American bar. Consistently with the uniting spirit of music, Alexanderplatz has always looked for a fine balance in between quality and prices.] tel. 06.39742171

Bebop Jazz Club. Via Giuseppe Giulietti 14. Tel: + Fax: 345.71.79.871 [Contact: Stefano Mecca. The BeBop Jazz Club offers live music with a different artist performing every night. This great jazz club offers a wide musical repertoire and hosts most of the best local and international jazz artists and big bands. The club is open Thursday through Sunday and occassionaly on Tuesday or Wednesday(for special events) from October to June. Concerts start at 9:30. This is the ideal place to be among friends, meet people and enjoy the best live music. The BeBop Jazz Clubs atmosphere is warm and inviting - you will not want to leave the place, even after the show is over! ]

Big Mama. vic. S. Francesco a Ripa 18 - ROMA (Trastevere) tel. 06.5812551

Charity Cafe. Via Panisperna,68 - Rione Monti - Rome. Tel: 06.47825881 - 328. 8452915. [Aperitivo Jazz. Open Buffet and Live Jazz Every Sunday from 6 pm. Open Every Day from 6 pm untill 02 am. Except Wednesday]

Classico Village. Via Libetta, 3, Roma. Tel: 0657288857 Fax: 0657303462 [contact: Tupone]

Cotton Club. Tel: 349 0709468 - 06 97615246 Fax : 06 90389007. Via Flaminia, 1432.

Gregory's Jazz Club. via Gregoriana,. Tel. 06 6796386

Il Pentagrappolo via Celimontana 21/B angolo via Marco Aurelio 34/A

28DiVino Jazz. via mirandola, 21. Tel: +393408249718 [contact: Marc Reynaud , Nat Daunizeau. Where Jazz ( at 360 degres) , wine, cheese and robots are. A Rendez vous of Roman's Jazz musicians, playing late.]

The Jazz Hole. Via Umberto Biancamano, 80. Tel: +39.06.7096031 [contact: Sonia. You can listen to very good concerts at this small jazz club thanks to excellent acoustics. Enjoy an intimate atmosphere together with young musicians (among the most talented from the Roman jazz scene). We serve delicious sandwiches, desserts, spirits, cocktails, wine and draught beer. Admission is free. The nightclub is available also for theme evenings and private parties. Opening hours: 7.30 pm - 2.00 am. Closed on Mondays]

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