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Bergen Jazz Forum. Georgernes Verft 12, inng. D 5011 Bergen. Tel: +47 55 30 72 50 Fax: +47 55 30 72 60.

Swing'n Sweet Jazzclub. Den Stundesløse, Øvre Ole Bulls plass 3
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Ad Lib Jazzklubb. P.box. 1025. Tel: +47 755 22426 Fax: +47 755 20087 [contact: Magnus Johansen]


Hadeland Jazzforum. Brandbu, 2760 [contact: Leif Mangerud]


Flekkefjord Jazzklubb. Konertforum. Uenesveien 32,4400 Flekkefjord, Tel: (047)38324427.
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Fredrikstad Blues & Jazzklubb. Bjølstadveien 2. Tel: +47 90866978. [contact: Sølvi Ellingsen]


Hadeland Jazzforum. [contact: Olaf Skiaker]


Horten Jazz Club. P.O. Box 278. Tel: 918 48 984. [contact: Dag Kjedsberg]


Lillestrøm Jazzklubb Leiv Eirikssons Gt. 14. Tel: +47 930 01 630 Fax: +47 931 77 277 [contact: Odd H. Brubak. Non-profit jazzclub not far away from Oslo. Organizer of jazzcafe every week, concerts once a month (also for young people) and other club events. Mostly traditional- and swing Jazz]


Storyville Jazz Club. P.O.Box 77. Tel: +4792816528. [contact: Trond Aunan. Norway's Oldest Jazzclub (1953). Weekly conserts at Quality Hotel Alexandra in Molde. Close connection with Molde International Jazz festival]




Bare Jazz. Kirkegaten 26. Tel: +47 22 33 20 80 [contact: Bodil Niska. Specialty jazz only record store, café and daytime concerts]

Cosmopolite. Vogtsgata 64, 0477. Post address: P.B. Youngstorget, 0028 Oslo, Norway. Tel: + 47 22 11 33 08/09 Fax: +47 22 11 33 10[Owner: Miloud Guiderk]. International names.Jazz. Latin. Blues. Plus other music styles]. just moved last year to beautiful building called Soria Moria, take over old cinema and changed to venue Cosmopolite with capacity 700]

Herr Nilsen Jazzklubb. CJ Hambrospl 5. Tel: 22335405 Fax: 22426026 [contact: Espen Nilsen. Be-bop, Mainstream style. Concerts 2-4 days every week. Open every day. Monday-Saturday 1200-0330. Sundays 1500-0330]


New Orleans Workshop Jazzclub. Grensen 1, N-0159 Oslo.  [At New Orleans Workshop Jazzclub, the music is mainly traditional jazz, but also swing, ragtime, gospel and blues. The club is located at Stortorvets Gjestgiveri in the center of Oslo. Every Thursday night from 8 till 11 pm. Saturday from 1.30 till 4.30 pm]


Sortland Jazz & Viseklubb. Riseveien 25, 8400 Sortland 9511 7174. Norway. Tel: 76126204. [contact: Steinar Kjeldsen. All Jazz styles from traditional and Blues to modern]

Sting JazzKlubb. Valbergjet 3. Tel: +4798407445. [Sting JazzKlubb was founded in 2001 by guitar player Anders Hana. He did a tremendous work for organizing some very nice gigs until he moved in 2004 to Oslo, where his career was calling him. In spring 2005 comes the attempt to revive Sting JazzKlubb, so that all the work from Anders is not lost into oblivion. Sting nere (the place where the gigs are organized) is a too nice place! The concept has to continue!
The music presented at Sting JazzKlubb is focused on free jazz, improvised music and contemporary music. Norwegian free jazz musicans, musicians from abroad and new bands directly issued from the jazz section at the Conservatory will present you challenging and innovative music on the intimate stage at Sting Nere.]


Urijazz P.O.Box 689. Tønsberg, Vestfold. Fax: + 47 3331 8199 [contact: Rolf S. Grundesen. Around 30 concerts a year. Different locations.]


Tromsø Jazzklubb. Postboks 1144. Tromsø. Tel: +47 77 64 33 23 [contact: Øystein Blix. Tromsø jazzklubb is a jazzclub located in the north of Norway. Tromsø jazzclub will try to make Tromsø a better city to live in, through presenting a wide range of jazz. Tromsø Jazzklubb tries to focus on creating a good atmosphere and then make big happenings.]


Trondheim Jazz Fourum. Kjøpmannsgata 73. N-7010 Trondheim. The club is situated at Royal Garden Hotel. [contact:Trondheim Jazz Fourum. Postboks 2137. 7412 Norway. Tel: (Int+) 47 73597337 Fax: (Int+) 47 73597351. The club hosts approximately 100 events during a year and seats 350 people. For larger events, the Royal Garden Congress Hall is used, allowing for up to 700 people. All jazz styles are represented, including a fair amount of crossover between ethnic music and jazz. The bar serves beer, wine and liquor. The hotel has all facilities, including a superb resturant.]


Vestvågøy Jazzforum. Postboks 205, 8376 Leknes Tel: 415 46 906 [contact: Esben Nedrebø]


Volda Jazzklubb. Boks 112 6101 VOLDA.


Voss jazzklubb. P.O. Box 223. Tel: +4756529911; Fax: +4756529910 [contact: Lars Mossefinn. Concerts take place in the venue Fraktgodsen. Appr. 70 concerts a year. Famous jazzfestival every Palm Weekend - the 7th to the 9th of April 2006. International and national jazz bands playing.]


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